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How to work Goodbye Pain Cellion2800 (pen type)
1. Identify the pain area and turn on the power of the device.
2. At the same time of turning on the power, the device produces zero level of stimulation. Keeping pressing the power button gradually increases the stimulation level from one up to three. The device uses a one-touch digital mode, in which pressing the button once again at the three levels of stimulation turns the power off.
3. Apply an appropriate level of stimulation to the pain area for one minute three to four times.
4. When the pain is eliminated, identify another pain area and repeat the process from No.1 to 3
5. The device can be used to treat pains from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.
6. Replace the battery when LED light is weak.
7. Continuous use for more than one hour makes the power flicker automatically. Then turn on the power again before use.
How to use cellion2000 (Mouse type)
1. Locate the region to be treated.
2. Select Low Intensity
3. Turn on the power, Check if the LED lamp is plinking
4. Stimulate the region
5. Tum off the power. Check if the LED lamp is off.